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Published April 20, 2016

If you never saw this movie with Justin Timberlake, the movie is basically about a man who is out of time. Time is a reference to living and in the future when you run out of time you die. The premise is, after your 25 birthday your “clock starts”. So whatever you look like at 25 that how you would look like until die. This clock that linked and fused into your body continues to go down. I could get more into it, but I recommend checking it out, it’s not a bad a movie.


Researchers in Japan have created a thin film that can be used to create an electronic skin which can be displayed. Hence, the referenced to “In Time”. Because of this breakthrough technology, it is entirely possible that shortly we can utilize this tech and have it display some things linked to our health.

Imagine if you were able to see more accurate information about your health. It would help motivate people all around the world. I think these Japanese researchers are on to something, and I would test this out if I had the opportunity.

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