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Published January 11, 2019

I remember when we first heard the news that Bungie would be leaving Microsoft to side with Activision, I knew this wouldn’t be good. Activision is all about money, tons of DLC, deadlines, and annual releases. This was NOT the company that you would want to team up with unless you wanted to basically give your life away, but Bungie decided to take a chance.

When Destiny 1 came out, it was met with a ton of hate and backlash. A lack of story, a lack of content before the DLC expansions dropped, talks of an unrealistic “10-year plan”, a terrible RNG system (you get the point by now). I knew that Bungie wasn’t the culprit of the majority of these decisions, but it happened and it made Bungie look really bad.

Destiny 2 dropped and it fared better, but it still didn’t meet the sales demands that Activision wanted. Even after the Forsaken expansion dropped, Destiny saw a decline of people wanting to continue to play the game. Activision even gave the base game away for free, and people still didn’t want to play it.

After a total of eight years of a ruined relationship, Bungie noted on their website that they are officially breaking up with Activision. They will continue to work on the Destiny 2 roadmap in the meantime, but the best news for Bungie is that they get to retain the Destiny license. This means they can continue to do whatever they want with the franchise going forward, including a possible Destiny 3?

Bungie was one of my favorite companies with the Halo franchise, so it really hurt me years ago to know they were teaming up with “The Man” for Destiny. I can just hope since they are once again independent that they can get back to the passion they had before.

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