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Published May 25, 2018

Another day another reason to hate Youtube. Recently they’ve made some controversialĀ changes to the sub boxes that I doubt many of you are aware of. Now when you tap the bell icon AFTER YOU HIT THE SUB BUTTON that no longer guaranteesĀ you’ll receive all notifications from that content creator you love.

Tapping the bell icon by default only gives you occasional notifications. You have to go into your settings after tapping the bell icon and change occasional notifications to all notifications. This means you have to follow three steps just see videos in your sub box.

If you’ve noticed peoples views have been down, that’s why. A single tweet from Youtube is all they’ve done to communicate this change to their millions of users. To make matters worse they’ve made another change! They’re currently “experimenting” with the chronological order of your sub box. Instead of showing new videos first they’re letting an algorithm decided what they think you want to watch the most.

So let’s say you’re subbed to 10 channels. 4 of those channels you watch hardcore and the other 6 casually. The algorithm will make those other six videos disappear out of your sub box and only promote the 4 channel you watch. This is going greatly affect content creators and viewers. Youtuber RunJDRun did a great video discussing this topic. Check it out and let us know what you thought in the comments below.


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