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Published December 6, 2017

Stop me if you heard this story before: Disturbing video hits youtube undetected, the video goes viral for all the wrong reasons, Youtube finds out and initially does nothing, advertisers find out their ads were on the video and threaten to pull their ads from the website, Youtube implements a bot to flag more than 90% of videos.

It’s a story this year that I and many other Youtubers are sick of. With so many videos being uploaded every single day on Youtube, we understand that it’s impossible for humans to review every single video to determine whether it’s safe or not. Susan Wojcicki is once again trying to change the algorithm to improve child safety and appointing up to 10,000 people to review content.

We will see if hiring more humans to manually check content to ensure it’s a video where ads should be playing finally fixes the issue and stops another round of “Adpocalypse” from happening.

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