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Published June 9, 2019

Rumors were everywhere about the Next Gen console for Xbox and now they have officially reveal that it will be called Project Scarlett. They reveal this news during their conference at E3 today and they talk about what they focused on improving with this console.

The people behind Xbox talked about how they focused on purely gaming with this next console, so they tackle loading issues and more. Now they don’t show what it will look like or the cost of it yet, but they say that the AMD processor will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X. They also go on and say that they are already reaching up to 140 frames per second on Project Scarlett, and will have the capability to go up to 8K resolution. The big thing they are excited about is the new generation SSDs that they created to use as VRAM. 

Honestly, the video is just them trying to hype up the audience and not showing us much about it. I want to see it to believe it on how it will perform and want to see the pricing. Project Scarlett will be released in 2020 and will get more information by then.

Check out the trailer below for Xbox’s Next Gen console Project Scarlett coming out next year.

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