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Published June 10, 2019

Looks like the rumors were true about the subscription service that Ubisoft was proposing. During the E3 2019 conference, Ubisoft announced that they would indeed be bringing their own video game service called UPlay+. This will work like any other subscription-based video game service you know of today (Origin Premiere, Xbox Game Pass, etc).

With UPlay+, you will have access to the Ubisoft catalog, including new releases like Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the new Watch Dogs called Watch Dogs: Legion. The company says there will be more than 100 games at launch for the service.

The most important question (like always) is, “What is the cost”? UPlay+ will be $14.99 per month at launch. This is a PC based service with no word on any console services yet. It will also be compatible with Google Stadia (presumably at launch). What they didn’t mention was whether you would have to pay for Ubisoft’s service on top of Google’s premium service if you want access to their catalog. Either way, it sounds like too much for yet another video game service.

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