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Published March 24, 2020

One of 2019’s biggest flops was Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. It’s the first game I day zero uninstall for it. That means I uninstalled it the day before it came out live on stream because they gave me early access. It was so boring. Sales for the title were terrible too. So what do you do when reviewers pan the game and nobodies buying it? Take the L right? Nope! Implement Sam Fisher and continue to disrespect your fan base and his legacy.

It seems like for every W Ubisoft gets they take 3 L’s in return!

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    1. CPeddlar@gmail.com' BJofNazareth

      In this day and age I’m fine with Sam Fisher being low key and used for cameos and the like because in this day and age where even Single player games are being monetized with micro transaction and bogged down by poorly implemented open worlds id rather Splinter Cell be free from that

    2. We petition to shut down ubisoft lol they’ve gone too far

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