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Published April 26, 2015

Grubhub is a company on the rise. If you’ve never heard of them they basically allow you to order food from any of your local resturants online and one of their drivers will deliver it to you for a fee. I guess Uber sees value in this service because they’re looking to dip their toes in the business.

If you’re unaware Uber is a new age taxi service where people use their own cars to taxi people around. It’s cheaper than a tradional taxi and I’m a personally a fan of the service. According to our sources Uber is looking to supply its drivers with more work. Food delivery!

It will be called UberFresh and UberEats for lunch and dinner. Not sure why there’s separate service for each meal, but it is what it is. What’s suppose to make this service unique compared to competition is curation. Uber will be providing suggestion in hip spots to try out. Something similar to Spotify.

And that’s all your tech news for today folks!

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