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Published October 27, 2018

Yesterday was TwitchCon and they had some big announcements that the community was hyped for. I wanted to gather all the things that they will be adding in one article to save everyone’s time because I care and also because there is a lot of new stuff to cover.

To all the loyal subscribers that hold it down and make the streamer life a lot more easier, This feature will tell you how long you have been subscribed to the streamer for. This will tell you how long you been subbed for even if you have missed a month mean, Basically it will show you the lifetime stats. Watch the video below that twitch released on twitter because I feel like you need to watch it to understand it better.

You may now reward frequently supporers that you recognize and set them with a VIP Badge. This is just a thing to push people to come back more and get recognized for it in the chat. There is no exact date on when all this stuff will be put into effect.

Mods in the chat just got a bigger sword. Starting in January Mods will be able to check the user ban, timeout, chat history. This will help out fighting against the evil trolls on the internet. Mod will also have the power to leave notes for the other mods to see so you can write, “This man is wild in the chat, Saying he would drink mustard”.

Streamers will now be able to manage their Mods, Editors, and VIPs on one screen. This will be very helpful if you have a mod that doesn’t do there job and is only there to cosplay. You can pretty much manage it like the Discord roles, If you know how to do that. The image below will show you what it will look like.

This next feature is very big for the Gaming Illminaughty stream crew. Sometime in 2019 a multi-viewing feature will be added called Squad Stream. Streamers will be able to collaborate stream and maintain the audience by showing all the streams in one page. For those of you who stop by the Gaming Illminaughty streams you may already know that most of the times we tend to stream at the same time, So this is a huge feature that will help us.

This news is mainly for the cool kids that are called Twitch Partners. That Bounty Board is about to get a lot of more brands involved so you may get more opportunities. This will help you grow with the way you want and gain more money because we all got bills.

That homepage is about to get a couple of changes for the better. Twitch will be looking out for the little guy and will be adding a new recommendation section that will help all kinds of streamers. It will include stuff for new partners that you may like or even upcoming streamers that enjoy the game you like to watch. This is good news if you are looking to grow in this very competitive streaming platform. That will be many other recommadations after it launches.

Now finally to the last thing they will be updating the highlight section for the editors, Who are looking to make videos out of the streamers clips and post them to social media. For a streamer, Clips are pretty important to show off your stream in a fast and creative way. Editors will be able to have more freedom on editing the way you want by cutting into another broadcast to make one clip.

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