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Published June 21, 2019

I wonder does Microsoft know what they’re doing with the next generation of consoles. Phil Spencer has previously said the new Xbox codenamed “Scarlett” was going to have cheaper models codenamed “Anaconda and Lockhart” during E3 2018. Now after this year’s E3, Phil looked to clear up Microsoft’s plans on their new console according to our source.

“Last year we said consoles, and we’ve shipped a console and we’ve now detailed another console. I think that’s plural,” – Phil Spencer

To me, this sounds like PR talk. Phil is basically saying that they initially had ideas for one console, and finally detailed another console leading up to the release of the official next-gen console. This is smart in my opinion to only create one console because the worst thing you can do in the video game industry is battle with yourself and further divide your own community. It makes no sense to have a super powerful console, and create a lower tier version with cheaper parts that cannot run games the same way. There is no point in making video game consoles like Samsung makes phones every year. The less powerful console is technically the previous gen console (in this case the Xbox One).

We will most certainly receive more details leading up to the release, but for now we can rule out having multiple versions of the next-gen Xbox console at launch.

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