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Published December 22, 2016

This season has been… interesting to say the least it has some great series that varied in quality. This season was amazing for slice-of-life anime as that is the genre that shone through with show after show of consistently high quality. I decided instead of listing the Top 5 anime of the season, I would split them up into categories of the best; the worst; the most surprising and the most disappointing. This is a better format as it covers more anime across a wider spectrum.

Most Disappointing:

Orange: This is so sad to say as this was my most anticipated anime of the season. It started off amazing in the first few episodes and showed real promise, but it took a major dip in quality towards the half way mark. The animation was so bad at some points I wondered if the studio just spent their whole budget on the first 4 episodes. After the big twist was revealed half way the show lost its momentum and suspense. The show fell flat and that was a shame to see considering how strong it started off.

Most Surprising:

Amanchu!: This was one of the most enjoyable shows of the season; Amanchu was this season’s Flying Witch by having an iyashikei slice-of-life anime set in a diving club. This is a great soothing anime, and having it set in the water for the most part lent itself to a tranquil theme that was similar to Aria: The Animation. This anime looks gorgeous, the water effects and overall background settings are great. It does have a lot of budget cuts especially with character models faces, but J.C Staff have made the animation dips take on it’s own refreshing art style and still present an overall amazing product. Although Amanchu isn’t as great as Aria, I still held it’s own and considering I had no clue about this show before the season started, it was a welcome surprise.

The Worst:

Taboo Tattoo: And another series that I told you all to watch at the beginning of the season. Although Orange was a disappointment, I regret recommending Taboo Tattoo as it was quite easily the worst anime of the season; maybe even the worst of the year. Taboo Tattoo started relatively strong with an interesting premise and great fight choreography, but it quickly became another generic shōnen and then became even worse than that. The final battle (and yes I watched it all) was just a giant CGI mecha fight and was somehow more underwhelming than the Re:Zero ending. The most surprising thing is that this series was done by J.C Staff who were on a winning streak this season with 2 amazing shows: Amanchu and Food Wars! S2… but this was just my worst experience watching anime this season.


The Best:

Mob Psycho 100: And now for the best of the best. Mob Psycho 100 fully lived up to my expectations and exceeded them completely. This was everything I wanted from a series, from the art style and animation to the engaging story and well-written characters. This series was fantastic and Bones was the only studio that could have pulled it off, and it will fit easily in the Top 5 for anime of the year.

And there you have it, a seasonal roundup of all the anime from this summer season. This is just a small slice of all the anime that aired this season, and although there were a lot of great shows the way I separated them might not have included them. This fall season looks just as promising as the summer season which a lot of returning shows such as Haikyū S3, Euphonium S2 and Ajin S2 and others. Let us know which were your most disappointing, surprising and best and worst of the season.

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