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Published October 2, 2019

It’s been a long time coming with Sony and their precious PlayStation platform. For years they haven’t played nice with Microsoft and Nintendo, but over the last year, their competitors have shown their full support for cross-play. Sony tried to take a step forward with the goliath Fortnite, but even that was a mess because only PS4 and PC could team up (initially was a glitch). Now after seeing the success of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta with cross-play, Sony decided to fully support cross-play for any developer that wants to use it according to our source.

The Sony CEO Jim Ryan told Wired that “The Track record of the incumbent platform winning the next time around is not a great one, so the major thrust of my executive energy is to avoid complacency.” In other terms, we better start playing ball before we get left behind amongst our competition.

Also with this cross-play news, Sony also expanded its streaming service PlayStation Now to the PC as well. so what do you think about the news? I am definitely excited that cross-play is making strides to become standard for the majority of third party games.



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  1. @GamingEthos @UTxJGTheDon About time indeed

  2. @GamingEthos @UTxJGTheDon Now they can shit talk within thier safe space

  3. @UTxJGTheDon Let’s fucking go!!!!! Finally

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