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Published January 12, 2020

The next-gen Xbox is reported to not have any exclusives at launch and for many, that’s a bummer. It would seem that that wouldn’t be the case on the Sony side of things. Our plug claims that the PS5 will see exclusives at launch. The plug had a Sony rep on their podcast and during the show, they said: “I’ve heard some of the PS5 launch titles–I won’t say them yet because I’m probably going to do some sort of report on this stuff in the future–but those will be PS5 only.”

I see a lot of people snapping on Xbox fans on social media because of this news. Sadly the console wars are still a thing in 2020 and beyond. I’d advise everyone to chill out. Not only does caping for a piece of plastic do nothing for you, but also keep in mind what were launch titles for the PS4. Exclusives! Hard-hitting titles such as Knack & Killzone: Shadowfall. Basically what I’m trying to say is Knack 3 confirmed (I’m joking).

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