Xur Is Selling The Prometheus Lens Now

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  1.' Randyrules says:

    It’s the best move they could have made. People woulda complained about trials being dominated by the lens, so they just gave it to everybody

  2. Isi Ferd Idk if this does anything for you

    1. Isi Ferd Isi Ferd says:

      Yeah I’m about to get that

    2. Isi Ferd Isi Ferd says:

      That thing is a Bitch laser

    3. Is that good or bad lol

    4. Isi Ferd Isi Ferd says:

      It’s good but it’s op

    5. Yea that’s what I read. At least everyone can get it

    6. Isi Ferd Isi Ferd says:

      Yeah it was a preorder weapon

  3.' topdogentertainment says:

    all those people who purchased the dlc dont feel special no more.

  4.' KingYo! says:

    Thats dope ass hell. Hahaha

  5. Mike Lee Mike Lee says:

    Should do a shoty sniper type game play with that op gun. Or nerf it for regular crucible.

  6. Justin Coe Justin Coe says:

    Someone has to shave their head…

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