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Published October 20, 2017

As time goes on, more and more people are taking notice that eSports are currently where the money is. It’s already proven that more people watch Youtube and Twitch more than regular TV these days, and competitive video games are a huge driving force.

Sources tell us that the Yankees are investing in team Echo Fox currently owned by retired Laker Rick Fox. They will grab a stake of the eSports team and team up with Vision eSports which produces video content.

Back on the NBA side, the Cleveland Cavaliers, not to be outdone by their biggest rival the Golden State Warriors, have gained a slot in the Leauge of Legends Championship Series. They have reached out to Nadeshot and he will be heading operations to further recruit ESPN confirms.

I’m more than certain more professional sports teams will also invest in eSports in the future. Damn I need to get good at video games!

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