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Published May 29, 2019

As I type this article, Death Stranding has taken over the PlayStation Twitch to “reveal” more information on the new game by Hideo Kojima. So far we have seen two different previews at E3, but still know little to nothing about the game.

The Twitch shows a black screen with either gameplay or another CG trailer in the background. There are hands that cover the screen, and through the hands you can see footage in the background. As of right now, there are more hands that cover the screen and you can see more and more of what’s behind the black screen. So what does this mean?

Some believe that some actual gameplay will be shown soon. Others have speculated that an actual demo is on the way. Other news says that the release date for Death Stranding has been revealed. The Taiwanese PlayStation Facebook says that the game will drop on November 8th, 2019. We’re assuming this post was by mistake since it got removed, but of course the internet caught it and reposted it for everyone to see.

We can also assume that the full trailer behind the black screen will be fully revealed today as currently, 51K people watch in anticipation. Maybe there is some truth to the release date this year. Are you excited for the weird masterpiece that is Death Stranding?

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