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Published November 1, 2019

Blizzcon is happening right now and Jeff Kaplan came out to confirm that the rumors are true, Overwatch 2 is coming! He released the announcement and gameplay trailer showing off what is coming in Overwatch 2. The first trailer below is the cinematic trailer for the new upcoming Overwatch game.

    Overwatch 2 is going to have story missions, A feature players have been asking for since the first Overwatch released. There will also be hero missions and more Co-cop fun! One of the biggest changes from the first game is that you will be able to level up your hero, We see from the gameplay trailer unlocking tracer new moves. More customizing is available in the game like changing how a hero’s abilities work.

    The game will still have PvP that includes a new game mode called push where it looks like you escort a big robot vs the other team. This new Overwatch game will have a new look for all the heroes and includes new maps alongside the original maps from the first game. Jeff Kaplan also announced that the game will have tons of new heroes when the game drops and has already teased us with Echo and Sojourn.

    This is where all the confusion starts, Jeff Kaplan tried to answer the question that players might have had when hearing this news. He said something along the lines of Overwatch 2 and the first Overwatch players will not be separated and will have access to the same maps, heroes and playing on the same servers. If you end up getting Overwatch 2 your progress from the first game is carried over from the first Overwatch. At this point, Overwatch 2 is mainly a good buy for only the story mode but then again we need more information on Overwatch 2. We didn’t get a release date for Overwatch 2 just yet.

    Check out the gameplay reveal trailer below for Overwatch 2.

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