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Published January 8, 2019

If you’re in the business of streaming or looking to get into it in the future then you’ll be happy to know Nvidia just made it easier to stream high-end PC games from a single PC. Normally you’d need a beefy CPU/GPU combo, but Nvidia announced yesterday during CES that their latest RTX cards would be introducing a new technology to help ease those issues.

Basically, the new 2060, 2070 and 2080 line of GPU’s has a portion of their specs built in dedicated to encoding streams. This would take the pressure off your CPU which in theory would help run OBS smoother. A smoother OBS means less laggy streams. I personally can’t stream any Frostbite game (BF, Mass Effect Andromeda etc) because the games are so intense, this is a godsend!

Why is this a big deal? Normally a streamer would have to run a two PC setup in order to stream high-end PC games. One PC to the run games and another PC dedicated to beaming the image out to the world. A One PC setup would save a lot of folks money, space, and electricity. Especially if you haven’t built a PC yet because the RTX line is expensive.

Oh well! Looks like I need to start saving and find a way to flip the GTX Titan X I own, so I can upgrade to the 2080 Ti. Below are some OBS performance comparisons between RTX and non-RTX setups.


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