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Published November 29, 2018

Nintendo has been in a very weird spot the past 5 + years. They haven’t been the best to work with for video game companies and content creators alike. They once tried to shut down Super Smash Bros being played at Evo. They manually took down a lot of video game content on Youtube involving their video games and forced youtubers to join a Nintendo Creator’s Program in an effort to control the narrative and get some extra money in the process. Well, it looks like Nintendo finally got the hint that content creators are not malicious and will be shutting down the Creator’s Program according to this post.

This is MAJOR news as Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes out next Friday. It looks like Nintendo is realizing they can get so much more exposure from other content creators who don’t only post Nintendo related content but are interested in Smash Bros/other Nintendo games. The NCP website where you had to originally submit your Nintendo videos will officially shut down on March 20th, 2019. Even though Youtube is still not in the best space overall, at least Nintendo is making is a little easier to post the content that you like safely.


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