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Published June 18, 2019

While Nintendo said absolutely nothing about any new console models on the way duringĀ E3 2019, a new report suggests there are some new models of Nintendo Switches on the way according to our source.

Nintendo has reportedly moved the manufacturing of the consoles to Southeast Asia instead of China. This is because of the US tariffs on electronics made in China that caused this move. This is very important because if Nintendo kept things as is, they would receive less of a profit (and you know Nintendo is all about getting maximum profit).

One of the proposed Nintendo Switch models looks the same as the original, but with some better components. Another model is said to be a lower tier model with a different form factor. Nintendo is known to do this with their handheld models, so it would be no surprise to go this route with their Switch as well. I would guess if we heard anything, it would be around the holiday season (4th quarter). If you don’t have a Switch, would you be persuaded to get one if some revised models hit the market?

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