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Published October 8, 2018

For all of you PC aficionados looking to build their next big rig, or those who are looking to build their first PC, Intel is preparing to bring out the next line of their Core series. These will be called the 9th gen Intel I9 X-series chips (a newer version of the 2017 line) and are set to release in November.

The most powerful chip in this line will be the i9 9980XE, an 18-core CPU. The least powerful chip will be the i9 9800X running at 3.8GHz. We are not sure if Intel will be adopting a new platform or not, but we shall see next month.


Also coming are the new 9th gen Core series featuring the Core i9 9900K. The series goes all the way down to the Core i5 9500. You can check out the prices on these below.

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