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Published March 1, 2020

    March is a decent month for games. Heavy hitters such as Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal and Granblue Fantasy are coming. But what do you do when you can’t purchase any of the new hottest? Rely on those free games from Sony & Microsoft every month of course! If your PS Plus is still good, then here’s what you get in March 2020.

    • Shadow Of Colossus
    • Sonic Forces
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    1. @Mr_iKeepitreal oh it was true, i was about to buy this junk too, glad i didn’t

    2.' John Corrales

      I’ve never played Shadow Of The Colossus but I’ve heard it’s one of those PS2 gems. Looking forward to it!

    3.' Chaz Douglas

      never played SotC all the way thru so the PS4 version’s a must

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