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Published May 5, 2020

It is no secret that now that Loba wants revenge toward Revenant no matter what she has to do. Today we got a trailer for Season 5 of Apex Legends which gave us some teases of what is to come.

In the trailer, We see Loba in a facility under Skull town which looks to be holding the human part of Revenant and a bunch of his robot assassin copies. Things do not go her way when she causes the destruction of the facility making Skull town to collapse with it. Now Loba has crashed the Apex Games and she still has revenge on her mind.

We see her using her abilities in the trailer which looks like a teleportation device that she can throw then activate. She uses her staff a lot in combat in the trailer so we can expect her to be able to use that somehow in her gameplay. Loba is a very interesting character, Especially when seeing she will be able to teleport items or weapons to herself when she is in range of it.

Check out the trailer of Apex Legends Season 5 below and be ready to play Season 5 on May 12, 2020.

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