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Published May 11, 2020

Today marks the eve before Apex Legends Season 5, and with it comes a Loba gameplay trailer. We already saw a glimpse of her abilities in the Season 5 preview trailer, but now we get a more detailed description of her abilities.

The first ability is called Burglar’s Best Friend. This is the teleport ability that we saw utilized in the previous trailer and is pretty self-explanatory. The one thing that makes this ability not look as OP as we initially thought is the animation where she puts the bangle back on her arm before pulling out her gun. That second could be the difference between life or death, but skilled players will find good use.

Her passive is called Eye For Quality which allows her to see high tier loot through walls and at a distance. Finally her ultimate is called Black Market Boutique which allows Loba to set up a shop where teammates can select weapons that are nearby, including legendary weapons. What wasn’t explained is whether this includes dead player boxes, whether enemies can see and use the market, and how long the market lasts.

Overall it looks like we have a character who is mainly utility, but she’s ‘thicc’ according to the internet (she actually is) so who cares? You can get your hands on Loba and Season 5 of Apex Legends tomorrow, May 12th.

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