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Published May 16, 2019

Are you a video editor or are you looking to get into video editing? The newest Humble Bundle might be up your alley then. This is a software bundle that includes a bunch of tools to help you express your creativity.  They’re three tiers you can purchase with a total of 7 pieces of software up for grabs.

$1 Tier: Fastcut Plus Edition

$22 Tier: Audio Studio 12, Vegas Movie Studio 15 + everything from tier 1

$25 Tier: Vegas Pro 15 edit, Vegas DVD Architect, Hitfilm Movie Essentials + everything from tier 1 and two.

You can get a piece of $400 software for only $25 + six other pieces of software. Vegas isn’t the best editor out there, but a lot of people still use it for a reason. At that price, this is a great starting point for new editors. If you want to purchase this bundle click here. All proceeds go to charity.

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