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Published January 14, 2020

Pokemon Sword & Shield is a commercial success, but it would seem it left some things to be desired. I’ve seen prominent voices in the Pokemon community state that Sword and Shield didn’t do enough to push the series forward. So what’s the alternative? One that’s making waves online is called TemTem. It’s a Pokemon inspired game developed by Humble Bundle. What makes this one stand out is it’s an online experience. It’s a Pokemon MMO that can be played with friends.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game know that a new trailer released highlighting some key features. Features such as the ability to run the entire campaign in co-op with a friend (or randoms in the world), PVP, trading, weekly challenges, character cosmetics, end game challenges and more! TemTem drops January 21st, 2020 on all major platforms. You can try the game out right now if you like via their stress test. Click here to sign for a stress test.

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