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Published December 22, 2016

Yesterday I was put on to something I’ve never seen before. A way to improve your internet speed & reliability, but not through your ISP. Instead, this process is done via a new program called Haste. According to their website

“Haste will start to optimize your connection with every League or Overwatch game you play.  And the more you play, the more Haste learns about different paths between your machine and the game servers. That means Haste learns to deliver better and better service for you over time, so keep playing!”

Right now they’re in beta, and they’re looking for people to test their service out. They plan on going to a paid business model eventually, so if you want to try their service out for free; now is the time If you give you the beta try here’s

“What’s in it for You?

  • Free, unlimited access to Haste during the entire beta
  • Exclusive monthly drawings for all active beta testers
  • Rewards for referring your friends (up to $10 per friend who signs up)
  • Lifetime discounts on Haste once Haste is publicly available”

If you want to give Haste a try, then click here and sign up for the beta today!

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