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Published May 4, 2018

For those of you that’s been skeptical about purchasing Destiny 2, the Humble Monthly ¬†gaming subscription ($12/month) is offering a slew of games, said to be worth over $100, the biggest of them, Destiny 2 will be offered as an early unlock, to try and bring in new subscribers.

The incentive is if you subscribe now, you’ll have instant access to Destiny 2, this is perfect timing seeing that the Warmind expansion in set to release on May 8. The other games haven’t been officially announced but they’re usually available to see around the middle of the month.

The one thing that makes the Humble Bundle unlike PS Plus, the games you get with Humble Bundle are yours and yours to keep and not taken away if you for some reason don’t keep your subscription active.

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Humble bundle as a whole seems to be a PC player’s paradise, with so many deals on games that either fly under the radar or games that you never got around to playing either because the price wasn’t right or you had to much going on during the time it originally came out.

Destiny 2 itself is worth the price if you’re a fan of the series and never got around to purchasing it when it released months ago.

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