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Published May 21, 2019

While we still have limited information on the new console by Sony (most likely called the PS5), we have yet to see any evidence on what the new specs can do. Yesterday a video dropped during Investors Day showing the next generation console next to a Ps4 Pro. One of the most important features touted was the SSD which will dramatically reduce video game load times.

In the video above, we can see in the first demo that the PS4 Pro took eight seconds to load, while the next-gen system took .083 seconds. It also loaded more loading screens before the Ps4 Pro could load one. In another demo, we saw the PS4 Pro getting stuck at multiple points while trying to load the city demo. The same next-gen console went through multiple streets and blocks with no issue. Going forward, every console should be equipped with an SSD, because I’m sold so far on the shorter loading times.

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  1. @UTxJGTheDon I see all the oldies including mutherfucking cole macgrath

  2. @UTxJGTheDon Im trying to understand why loading times are soo important on consoles at this point

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