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Published April 28, 2015


003SamsungGalaxyS5_35833441_MWC2014_GS5scannerGalaxy users beware it is quite possible that the finger prints used to secure your device, aren’t so secure themselves. The fingerprint that secures your phone is stored within your phone’s memory. When you scan your fingerprint to open your device, it uses that file as a reference. Your Galaxy S5 is a mini-computer, and like all computers it is possible for malware to invade it and snatch valuable information. In this case that valuable information is your finger print. Yulong Zhang who has presented his findings to the RSA, stated that there are hackers who are hunting for things such as your finger print, because with it they can get into even more personal information, and even impersonate you. They can basically “do whatever they want with it”. How you stay safe from this is by not downloading any non app-store approved software onto your device, because even though you may not see the immediate danger, it may be too late as the malware infects your system silently in the background. Happy surfing Galaxy users and remember stay safe!

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