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Published July 31, 2019

Crazy how we’re already on Season 10 of Fortnite. Time surely does fly, and TIME is also the main theme for this season. The official trailer dropped today with a huge time rift engulfing the “default skin” character. While he’s caught in the rift, he sees a lot of things from the previous seasons like old weapons, old locations, and old events. All of sudden he gets pushed out of the rift and lands in the “past” before the meteor destroyed Dusty Depot. Is this hinting at the map being reverted and bringing some of the old locations back?

Fortnite Season X starts up tomorrow, August 1st. I don’t keep up with the game like I used to, so I won’t be playing it (I’m an Apex boy now), but if you still give the game your hard-earned money and time, or just want to see what’s up with the new season, check it out tomorrow on your favorite platform.

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