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Published March 23, 2017

The team over at Elgato has been really focusing on making the task of streaming a more interactive experience for not only the streamer but the viewer as well. Today they announce a new product called ‘Stream Deck’. This device is basically an MPC machine, but directly relating to the streamer.

You can mount buttons to do specific functions relating to stopping and starting your stream, tweeting out when you go live, and even enable memes and gifs. Best of all, this device works with OBS, twitter, twitch, game capture, and other programs as well so you don’t necessarily need an Elgato to use it!

I think this device is certainly unique and can speed up the process of setting up your stream significantly. This can also make interacting with your chat a more enjoyable experience. Elgato plans on releasing the Stream Deck in May, but you can pre-order now by clicking here.

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