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Published October 16, 2018

Discord announced that their new update is live which includes the new Discord game store. This is a global beta so things may change based on feedback so check it out and share your thoughts. This was announced on Twitter by this video that you can check out below.

You can now buy your games right from discord and if you are a Discord Nitro member which is only $9.99 a month, You will be able to play a huge library of games like Metro: Last Light Redux, Torchlight II, Inside, Darksiders II Deathintive Edtion, and many other games. The layout of the store is very clean and I can see myself using this in the future when I ain’t broke.


If you don’t have or don’t plan on getting the Discord Nitro membership that is fine because you can just buy games without having the membership. The games you can buy without the membership are also pretty dope like Omensight, Frostpunk, Hollow Knight, and Banner Saga 3. 

Go ahead and log into Discord and check out the store and tell us what you think about this update?

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