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Published June 6, 2019

Bungie had a lot to talk about during their little press conference with Google Stadia, but the biggest thing they announced is Destiny 2 getting a free to play version called New Light.

New Light will have all the important content to jump to where all the fun is. This is just a shortcut way to play with friends that may be new to Destiny 2 and don’t want to go through all the unimportant story grinding that they had to before. Bungie is reworking the way post content will be coming out to help players feel like they don’t need to buy it to enjoy their game, this is an example of that.

The free to play version, New Light will be coming with all first-year DLC Curse of Osiris and Warmind. It will also include Leviathan raids, Gambit, all the strikes, and crucible maps. Players will still have the ability to buy the full version and future DLC that they might want after playing New Light.

New light isn’t the only thing Bungie talked about either. Bungie and Activision split up at the beginning of this year and now it needs to find a new home on where Destiny 2 should be. They were happy to announce that New Light and Destiny 2 will be coming to steam! Players do not need to worry about restarting all over because it will save your progress so you can enjoy Destiny 2 on steam. This means their upcoming DLC Shadowkeep will only be on steam but all the previous DLCs that players brought will also carry over to steam as well.

Cross-Save will also be available when Shadowkeep drops this fall. Cross-save means that if you save a character on PlayStation 4, that same character will be available on PC or console of your choice. The characters progress and loot will also carry over on to other systems as well. Players have been asking for this feature for a long time and now that Bungie has full control they can now do it!

I know that was a lot of thing coming to Destiny 2 but to recap, Shadowkeep DLC is coming, Cross save will be available, New Light will be a free to play version of Destiny 2 and all of this is coming to Steam!┬áThis is all from a press conference video that was an hour and a half so there was a lot to unpack. What are your guy’s thoughts on all this coming to Destiny 2, Will you be hopping back on the game? I know I am!

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