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Published February 28, 2019

This new X-Men movie focusing on the story of the Dark Phoenix and from the trailer it looks interestingĀ and going for a darker tone (No Pun intended). Charles Xavier and the gang will now face one of their own because Jean Grey’s powers are becoming uncontrollable.

Fans of the Dark Phoenix storyline hope they do it justice because of the (2006) X-Men 3: The Last Stand already tried to do it. From the trailer, We see Jean is struggling to control her powers causing destruction which the X-Men is trying to stop.

We have to remember that this is the last movie Fox is doing with the X-Men property, This is because of Disney deal that happenedĀ meaning next time you see the X-Men they can be in the Marvel Universe. I will still be checking out the movie when it comes to theaters on June 7th. Check out the full trailer for the Dark Phoenix below.


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