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Published April 10, 2019

A feature that players were always asking for who play on their PlayStation was the ability to change their PSN ID, Now they will be able too. Earlier today PlayStation announced that this feature will be going live today.

They did say some games may not right away because it may not support the new feature, but they have tested this feature on some games already. You will be able to change your PSN ID thought the PS4 or go to the web browser. This feature will only be available to the PS4 and not other past PlayStation systems like the PS3 or the PS Vita.  The first time changing your name will be free but after that, It will be $4.99 USD if you have PlayStation Plus and $9.99 USD if you don’t.

Don’t worry on about paying if you want to go back on your original name because it will be free to revert it back. You can go back to any of the names in the past that you have used and there will be no limit on how many times you can change your name. This feature was a big thing players were asking because most of us might have made a stupid name back in high school and now want to change it.

How do you guys feel about this new feature and are you going to be using it?

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