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Published January 31, 2018

Destiny 2 is on the struggle bus at this point in time. As someone who’s played, I can say it lacks content and the content that is there all feels the same. Bungie’s also run into various other issues that have to do with microtransactions, the games XP┬ásystem and so much more. The first piece of DLC was underwhelming too! It has people wondering what the hell Bungie is doing?

Now that update 1.1.2 is live we now know. Bungie took to Twitter to reveal the roadmap for Destiny 2. Looks like they’re trying to be more transparent. Some things we can look forward to in the future include Nightfall Strike unique rewards, sandbox changes, Iron Banner 6v6, Crucible quitter penalties and more! Good to see they’re finally starting to listen, but they’ve got a long way to go! Check out the roadmap below.


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