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Published September 24, 2019

This has been a running joke ever since the Battle Royale juggernaut Fortnite came into the game amongst good players. Sometimes when a highly skilled player is in a match and going off on other players, they would joke and say the players they killed were ‘bots’ because they died so easily. Epic Games heard those jokes and turned it into a reality! Now there will be actual bots in regular matchmaking lobbies according to their latest post.

In the next season of Fortnite, bots will be introduced. They are to behave like normal players and are supposed to provide a path for players to get better. As you increase your skills, fewer bots will appear for you. The good news for anyone who hates this news is that the bots will not appear in competitive playlists.

It sounds like the Fortnite community has not been impressed with the latest moves that Epic has been making. I wonder how they will feel about this one when they just want to pub stomp and actually kill some bots during their live stream?

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