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Published April 27, 2016

Google is always onto the next thing that will help viewers see videos ‘easier’. If you didn’t notice, the mobile app on both Android and iOS received a brand new update that changed the way your homepage looks. Now you have hi-res images for your thumbnails to make the video pop out more and make you want to click on it. There is also a new algorithm that supposedly finds the next video you want to watch before you’re even done with the last one to keep you on the site longer. This is very cool right? (sarcasm)

“We believe it’s possible to create this personalized experience because we have so many videos in our database”, Joanna Wright, Youtube’s VP of Product Management said. “We have a billion users, all of them very different. Matching the vast combination of videos to such a varied set of people is really difficult”

Apparently the new algorithm works on the desktop site as well, but only the mobile app has been updated with the new look so far. Changes are fine and all, but can I and many of my subscribers stop losing subs every day and randomly getting unsubscribed from people that I watch? Can I stop being recommended Minecraft videos and screamers, when I don’t watch their videos at all? Can I get a better shot of being seen by other people? I don’t think youtube will ever fully figure out what’s wrong with their system, but I guess we all have to be optimistic about it.

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