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Published November 28, 2016

In technology just keeps impressing me news; the classic party brawler Super Smash Bros. Melee is now playable in your web browser. No downloads, beefy PC or anything else needed. All you need is a web browser you already have one because you’re reading this post. It’s called Melee light, and it’s created by some members of the Smash Board.

Before I wrote this article, I decided to try the game out, and I’m highly impressed. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on Melee as a kid, so I know what feels right and the developers behind this fan project got it right so far. I say so far because there’s only four characters available and no multiplayer.

That being said know that they’ve already announced they’re working on adding multiplayer and more characters to the roster. Also, the game features controller support. Anything USB based should work. My 360 controller did, and in their trailer, they’re using a USB based GameCube controller.

I just hope Nintendo doesn’t take this game down. This one should be a little harder for Nintendo to deal with because it’s an open source project meaning the entire internet has access to the game’s code. So if the site gets taken down, then two more could just pop up. If you want to try the game out, then click here.

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