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Published April 27, 2017

Amiibos are an important tool in the Nintendo ecosystem which allows new ways for gamers to interact with their games. Besides being useful many people like Gaming Illuminaughty member Ace of All Trades likes to collect Amiibos for the sake of. What if I told you for a limited time Nintendo has released what could be considered by many as the Amiibo killer? Well for the low price of one Happy Meal you can get Nintendos new set of collectible toys. That’s right Nintendo and McDonalds have teamed up to bring Super Mario themed toys to Happy Meals nationwide until May 22nd. The toys feature Mario, Luigi (in a pipe), Princess Peach, Bowser, a red shell, a 1 up mushroom, and an invincible Mario. Sanic says hurry up and catch em all!

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