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Published July 3, 2018

Yesterday 2K Games, creators of the NBA 2K series said they would have a “special” announcement for NBA 2K19. Now the first reaction would be some gameplay or at least some hint of what new features they would have for NBA 2K19. Instead, they unveiled that Giannis Antetokounmpo is the cover athlete for the standard cover of NBA 2K19.

There were literally no questions about the game, only some weird questions to Giannis. At the end of the live stream they showed a screenshot of Giannis in the game. That was literally it! It was a waste of 20 minutes and I feel like the heat is on them to continue to produce. They even apparently came to E3, but I couldn’t find them at all. At least EA was there in full force and had something to play.

Take a look at TheBlackHokage’s video for a more detailed analysis on this live stream.



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