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Published July 10, 2017

I see Nintendo is actually trying to get more 3rd party games to the Nintendo Switch. Almost a full year after the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the game will be coming to the Switch on September 22nd. So why would you cop the game on this platform?

The Nintendo Switch version will include some exclusive features including:

  • The ability to play on the same system with a Joy-con
  • Exclusive multiplayer mode that supports 6 players locally
  • Motion controls that allow you to do attacks like the Spirit Bomb and Kamehameha

What’s wrong? You thought you were going to get some exclusive items, characters, and missions? Think again! If you’re desperate to play something on your switch and have NEVER played Xenoverse 2 before, I would recommend picking it up. Otherwise, you can stay far far away.

Also, check out TBH’s review of Xenoverse 2 below.

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