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Published August 15, 2018

Usually, Epic Games makes their updates on Tuesday, but I guess there was a delay this week and now we received the update today. We are now on Fortnite version 5.21, and here are the major changes that you need to know!

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle added
  • Soaring 50’s LTM game mode added
  • Sniper Shootout LTM game mode added

The Soaring 50’s LTM is a twist on the 50 V 50 game mode. You can now re-deploy your glider if you are above 10m and up. There are also increased spawn chance for impulse grenades, launch pads, and bounce pads around the map.

The Sniper Shootout LTM is pretty much self-explanatory.  Nothing but Snipers around the map. May the best shot win! Other than that, this update was pretty light compared to other weeks. Enjoy yourself out there!

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