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Published May 17, 2018

Activision and Treyarch took to the stage to give the official premiere of Black Ops 4. For the first time ever, the team revealed the Multiplayer of the game FIRST. Initially, it looked like Black Ops 3 remastered, but Treyarch did some tweaks to make the combat more similar to Rainbow 6 and Overwatch. The operators have returned with their own special abilities. Here are some of the changes that were revealed during the multiplayer combat:

  • The combat is 100% boots on the ground. No wall-running, no super jumping
  • No auto-healing. You will have to strategize and make sure you heal up before going back into combat
  • Predictive aiming was introduced, which leads to suggest there will be some real recoil in COD
  • League Play is back for the competitive players
  • Instead of a full-fledged campaign, there will be solo missions for each operator

Zombies are bigger than ever and focuses on three stories day one. One is called Zombie Rush and looks to be on the Titanic where a zombie outbreak is summoned. One zombie story is in Gladiator times where someone once again summons a spell that turns people into zombies. The last one is called Blood of The Dead and only showed the four main characters standing around some candles.

For the PC version of Black Ops 4, this will be the first COD game that will be on Jeff Kaplan was on hand talking about the benefits of COD on PC and how they put more focus into this version.

David Vonderhaar took back to the stage to kill the rumors about COD bringing battle royale to their game for the first time. It is INDEED coming and aims to be bigger than ever. It’s going to be called Blackout and is aimed to be the deepest BR game ever made. They’re going to have a mix of 10 years of COD games all in one. You will be able to play with all of your favorite characters from previous Black Ops games (including Zombies), and it looks like killstreaks will be in the BR mode. Unfortunately, they did not show any gameplay of this mode, but I’m sure something will be shown at E3.

So that’s it! Everything that we learned about Black Ops 4. If you haven’t played COD in years, will this make you come back to it?



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