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Published July 30, 2017

It’s not every day a game comes along where it brings together all of your favorite characters from various titles to form one super game. Koei Tecmo has really made an all star lineup of characters that include Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, William from Nioh, Sanada Yukimura from Samurai Warriors, and much more to make Warriors All-Stars. With as many characters that you can play as you’ll be doing more hacking and slashing than the Hash Slinging Slasher. The game is coming to US & Europe on PC and PS4 August 29th. The game originally launched in Japan on March 30t, 2017. Watch the Shiki clan trailer and leave a comment if you’re ready for hours of repetitive nonstop action of slaying waves of weak NPCs with colorful attacks.

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