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Published October 14, 2018

A PS4 bug that is making people’s PS4 lock up and it is going around through the PS4 messages so be careful. According to this Reddit post, Warns people what happened to him when his PS4 locked up on him and he had to do a factory reset by going on another account to solve the problem.

This isn’t the only time that a PS4 has locked up like this during a situation similar to that Reddit post. This Reddit post explains what happens after they got the message.Their PS4 froze and kept giving them the ce-36329-3 error and they also say they can not sign into the account they received the message on. The image below is what the message that is causing the problem looks like.

We advise everyone that has a PS4 to make your messages private so that random people can not message you unless you are their friend. I am not sure if this can happen when you receive a friend request message tho but go ahead and make that private because it is better safe than sorry.

If you do not know how to do it I will try to walk you through it. First, Go to your PS4 settings find the Account Management and then scroll down to Privacy Settings. If you have a password set enter it so you can get to your personal info and messaging and here is where you will be able to switch it to friends only or No One. Stay safe out here in these E-Streets everyone.


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