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Published October 24, 2017

What’s old is new again. Update 4.0 is downloadable┬ánow on the Nintendo Switch. With it comes a slew of new feature fans are raving for. Features such as video capture, data transfer to another system, wireless headphone support and more.

One other feature included in this patch is the support for the sixteen-year-old Gamecube controller. All you need is patch 4.0 and the same Gamecube controller adapter that was used for the Wii U.

This has caused a lot of noise in the Nintendo community. Many have gone as far as to start rumors about Smash Bros. coming to the Nintendo Switch. Honestly, it makes sense. Why else would they patch this in? It’s the only reason anyone owns a Gamecube controller on Wii U.

I’d like to see them port over the last Smash with all the DLC and it’d be nice to get an HD remake of Melee. A boy can dream, right?


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