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Published December 3, 2019

Now this bit of news is actually surprising. Steam has been a staple of PC gaming for decades, and to many “PC Elitists”, playing with a controller on PC is a sin. Seems like either people have changed their minds, or more people are wanting to game on PC, but not willing to change their peripheral habits. According to our source, Valve has not only sold the Steam controller well but actually OVERSOLD. With that being said, Valve had to give people refunds because there are no more controllers being produced.

The controller has been available since 2015, but I’m not sure where the sudden surge came from this year. Maybe people wanted a piece of history just to add to their collection. If you either wanted a Steam controller and couldn’t cop one, there is apparently a patent for the Steam Controller v2, but there’s no confirmation as of yet. This sudden surge of Steam Controllers might also be due to the Valve Index, Valve’s VR headset which people went out and purchased because of Half-Life: Alyx. The VR headset has also sold out in a matter of days following the new Half-Life announcement.

Looks like no matter what “negative” press Valve has gotten over their Steam business practices, the king will never be dethroned

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  1. The sudden surge came when they put the controller on sale for $5 during the last Steam sale.

  2. @UTxJGTheDon It sold out because it was on sale for 90% off last week for only $5. I bought one myself.

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