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Published February 6, 2017

Ultimate’s are what Fatalities are to Mortal Kombat finishing moves for the KI cast. Ever since the release of KI the community has been asking for ultimate’s to make a return. Well we got our first taste when shadow jago performed his ultimate awhile back.

Killer Instinct’s Community Manager, Rukari, posted a blog over on Ultra-Combo that featured details on the upcoming Ultimate’s.

To start, 15 characters will be receiving Ultimate’s  one each. The first five are set to roll out on February 14th, and the Ultimate’s packs will be available free of charge.

Jago, Thunder, Maya, TJ Combo, and Tusk will be the first served, and each Ultimate can be performed by hitting LP+LK quickly after the start of an Ultra. These finishers can only be activated while still on the first life bar and only after launching into an Ultra.

So who is HYPE and ready to see Ultimate’s make a return?  Not convinced take a look at Thunders Ultimate move.


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